"Is Akiba Blooming?!" is the first episode of Papillon Rose New Season.

The episode begins with a flashback scene of the three Papillon soldiers motionless, prone and bruised from battle in a dark area. Regina Apis is glowering over them, laughing. The three prone Papillon soldiers join hands to empower Papillon Rose with enough energy to finally destroy Regina Apis. The scene then jumps to one year later with the "Men in Black" discussing the present situation with a Venusian woman who tells them that the invasion of the Earth will begin at a place called "Akiba" and the only ones that can stop the invasion are the "Papillon Soldiers". Tsubomi, once also known as Papillon Rose, now works at the New Papillon maid cafe and spa in Akiba and is the most popular server. Anne, once also known as Papillon Lily, is enjoying the single life. Shizuku, once also known as Papillon Margarette, is studying for college entrance exams. Due to the shock of the final battle, they have completely forgotten their magical-girl identities and events. Rama has been struggling for survival on the streets and looks it. The scene cuts to the bridge of an alien space ship where three female aliens are discussing how the "Haniwa" (people of Earth) have defiled their "holy land" and how they must reclaim it. Lacking weapons, they decide to rely on the "forgotten ones" for battle. They scour Japan from the sky and gather them up. Rama finds Tsubomi at the maid cafe and attempts communication but Tsubomi cannot understand Rama's talk as it only sounds like "meows" to her. During Rama's attempt to communicate with Tsubomi the sky darkens and a space ship appears. The aliens then begin their attack by landing their first creature, a large, ape-like monster "Tsuchinogon". The monster begins his explosive attack and the explosions draw near. Rama stimulates Tsubomi (off camera) and the excitement causes Tsubomi to remember her magical-girl identity and past events. She then transforms to her "Papillon Rose" persona. Dark General Miki appears and is immediately envious of the beautiful Rose and orders the Tsuchinogon to attack her directly. Rose is quickly outmatched and attempts to use her weapon from the battle with Sister Biene but Rama says that she must use something else (more acceptable for television broadcast). Rose finds a small toy sword and infuses it with her "spirit". She then slices Tsuchinogon a few times stopping his attack but he then gropes her breast paralyzing her. Tsuchinogon is suddenly hit in the arm with a nunchuck by a mysterious masked ninja that identifies himself as "Torakage". Freed, Tsubomi then attacks Tsuchinogon while he is temporarily stunned and breaks the spell over him with a blown kiss. Tsuchinogon decomposes into a small monkey and a tiny snake. Dark General Miki, defeated and furious, withdraws, but vows to return. The mysterious ninja Torakage also disappears.

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