17th Night – The Admired Unfaithful Heroine is the 17th episode in Papillon Rose R

Razy speaks about his feelings for Tsubomi. In order to save Kotsubomi, he decides to return to his mother Chlamydia’s era and informs Tsubomi that he’s breaking up with her. Having lost Razy, Tsubomi realises her feelings towards him for the first time.

Tsubomi regrets the things which she has only now just realised and becomes depressed. For some reason she shuts herself into a closet. The Papillon Soldiers desperately try to encourage her but Tsubomi won’t come out. Exhausted by trying to persuade her to come out, the Papillon Soldiers start to moan about Tsubomi. From inside Tsubomi shouts her objections to their debate group entitled “Discussing Tsubomi’s Idiocity.” The Papillon Soldiers keep encouraging Tsubomi to respond seriously to their joke, but still she won’t come out. The truth is that the door was just broken and in the end they were able to wrench it open using a ball-like object.

Today's Highlight

Simply due to one group of people who despise erotic parodies and people telling tall tales in our society, Papillon Rose failed to get the mysterious recommendation of being a literary-level program.

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