18th Night – The Little Girl Who Bears the Cross of Death is the 18th episode in Papillon Rose R


explains Kotsubomi’s secret. In the future the red light district has been infected with a virus and the transvestites are in control. But more than that, she tells them that the future Tsubomi has been infected by the virus and she sleeps in a frozen state. Kotsubomi knows that Tsubomi caught the virus off Kotsubomi’s own father. Kotsubomi went back in time to the past (the present day) to save her mother, Tsubomi, by killing her father.

Killing your father in the past means that you would erase your own existence. Tsubomi is shocked by Kotsubomi’s decision to protect her mother in exchange for her own life. The Papillon Soldiers are moved to tears and the sight of Tsubomi crying and this display of beautiful mother-child love. However, the reason behind Tsubomi’s tears is that at the time she was shocked, she wet herself just a bit and felt that was a pretty pathetic thing to do.

Today's Highlight

At last Kotsubomi’s mystery is made clear! Amongst the television audience, their impression of Kotsubomi changed and she gained many more fans. The original creator Ai Hanazono-sensei was presented with an uncensored porny picture of Kotsubomi and she was absolutely overwhelmed and delighted.

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