19th Night – Teach Us, Master Satisfaction is the 19th episode in Papillon Rose R

All of a

sudden Shiorinite starts to attack the Papillon Soldiers with a mysterious moe-type song. However the Papillon Soldiers easily fight back. On top of that, they tease Shironite by shouting, “Your time’s up!” “Your Dad’s a masochist!” “Shabby expensive goods!”

Shiorinite asks Chlamydia for new powers but there is a flash of light and what appears in her hands is a single scrap of paper with the words “At last you’re gonna die! >>Shiorinite” written on it. Shiorinite is in a frenzy and using all of her energy she attacks again but just as before she is beaten back. Physically and mentally worn-out, Shiorinite looks back to her glory in the past and weeps. And with just the word “Ciao” she takes her last breath. The Papillon Soldier’s take Shiorinite’s body and chuck it out a window.

Today's Highlight
A group of sick otakus, who are fans of a certain gal game,

and who were introduced to the scene where Shironite reminisces over her golden era as she is dying, thought the scene was based of one from the game. Another disgusting scene is when something is suggested to be on a daikikamura .

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