20th Night – The Dark Focus tears apart the Neon is the 20th episode in Papillon Rose R

Chlamydia tries to make her most terrible venereal virus complete. She waits for the final stage which will give her the means to absorb the body of Razy, who was born carrying anti-bodies against the virus. Adonis and Lupinus tell Rose to be prepared to die as they are facing the final, decisive battle.

The other Papillon Soldiers are together determined to fight, but Tsubomi alone yells out her protests. The soldiers draw close to Tsubomi, but she doesn’t try to tell them her reasons. Adonis asked her what was going on, the she realises what Tsubomi is getting at and declares to her, “Little girls who reek of piss should go home and go change their diapers!”

Hearing this everyone notices the stain on Tsubomi’s panties. Absolutely dumbfounded, the Soldiers leave Tsubomi behind and head off to fight the decisive battle.

Today's Highlight

There are female fans that sympathise with our heroine who has damp stains on her panties. Their opinions have in three months on the internet opened up and surpassed opinions of saying in her case they would either lie or not know what to do.


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