21st Night – The Enraged Son! Also, an Uprising is the 21st episode in Papillon Rose R

Knowing just how determined Chlamydia is, as she is a woman who would go as far as to try to steal her son’s life to further her own ambitions, Razy makes a plan to kill his mother with the virus. Meanwhile, Tsubomi, who has been abandoned, is inspired by some simple rap lyrics and begins to chase after the others. Going towards Chlamydia’s era, once more a moe-type song reaches the Papillon Soldier’s ears. At the same time, the soldiers are hit one after another in a surprise attack by someone. That someone turns out to be the new opponent sent by Chlamydia, Shiorinite’s younger sister, Hikarinite. The Papillon Soldiers are completely at the mercy of Hikarinite, who gives off an incredibly strong body odour. However, all of a sudden Tsubomi arrives and gives an on-the-spot commentary of what’s going on. Hikarinite has her body odour pointed out to her so she flies at Tsubomi and shouts, “If you call someone an idiot, you’re the real idiot!”

Today's Highlight

Rumours are spreading that the Hollywood film director Stephen Spielberg has acquired the rights to turn Papillon Rose into a film.


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