24th Night – Ooooh! The Queen Descends is the 24th episode in Papillon Rose R

Chlamydia’s fierce attack is incredibly powerful! The Papillon Soldiers’ powers are used up! Chlamydia knocks down Rose, who acts stupid by bouncing her pert breasts and tweaking her nipples.

Chlamydia is about to deliver the finishing blow to Rose when all of a sudden her hand stops in mid air! This is because Razy had stolen back the Rosetta Pearl from Chlamydia! Chlamydia is driven out of Kotsubomi’s body so she tenaciously takes over Razy’s body for herself, becomes one with the virus and transforming into the final form of Chlamydia!

The honest and stubborn soldiers, Margarette, Lily and Dahlia entrust their Flower Orbs to Rose and pass away. Rose accepts the Flower Orbs and reluctantly holds the Holy Flower Orb above her head, transforming to Papillon Flora!

Today's Highlight

The person who was in charge of Papillon Flora’s character design was the original creator Ai Hanazono-sensei. As she was apparently extremely interested in the production of the anime series, it’s great that she wilfully wrote the lyrics to the opening theme, however because she used too many obscene expressions, we were unable in the end to use them.


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