25th Night – Love Saves Us from Shame! is the 25th and final episode in Papillon Rose R

The legendary SM Queen Flora and Chlamydia’s grand battle is an even match. Kotsubomi decides to welcome her own death along with the death of Chlamydia, so she transforms in Papillon Petite Rose and unleashes the power of her own Rosetta Pearl.

Rose and Petite Rose’s combined attack directly hits Chlamydia’s butt hole which has grown enormously to black hole proportions. Chlamydia yields to their power and is finally killed.

Tsubomi rushes over to Kotsubomi, who is lying down in tears. Even though her father’s existence has been erased, for some reason Kotsubomi is alive.

The Flower Orbs are returned to the Papillon Soldiers and they are revived, even Lupinus and Adonis. All of them are worried whether Kotsubomi is still alive or not.

Tsubomi realises something!! Tsubomi is questioned by the others and reveals to Anne in secrecy that she’d had an affair with the Papillon Pub Manager as well.

The soldiers watch on appalled as a cat fight breaks out between Tsubomi and Anne, who is furious. Kotsubomi, Futanari and Mitsuzuki are disgusted and say three times “We didn’t save you,” before returning to the future.

And so once more a lewd sort of peace returns to the red light district…

The End


Today's Highlight

It was decided by the creators to end the Papillon Rose series that has held men and women, young and old captive all over the country. The expectation was for the continuation to be “Papillon Rose S,” then “Papillon Rose SS” and after that “Papillon Rose Frotters.” Their next series was to be a mysterious project called “Shinshuku Byubbyu~” but when this was announced it caused a massive revolt amongst the fans and was scrapped.

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