25th Night – The Beast That Demanded What in the Heart of the World is the 25th and final episode of the original Papillon Rose ONA series

The revived Flora’s sadistic style is violent! She torments Hikaru as if she is avenging herself for many years of mistreatment. Hikaru is intrinsically a masochistic slave and he faints in agony from Flora’s bashfulness…

Seeing Hikaru’s infamous disgraceful behaviour, Tsubomi’s spirit that has been absorbed into Flora struggles to be free. Regina tempts Tsubomi, who is trapped inside Flora.

“The woman that your beloved man loves is not you, it’s Flora! Don’t you want Hikaru for yourself? If so, then kill her! Kill Flora, the woman who took your heart and body from you! Now, destroy the Holy Flower Orb that contains her spirit!” whispers Regina.

Hearing Regina’s whispering, Tsubomi’s spirit takes the Holy Flower Orb in her hands and destroys it. Having erased Flora’s spirit, Tsubomi once more gets control over her own body.

Witnessing the complete destruction of his beloved Flora, Hikaru descends into madness, bites off his tongue and kills himself. Amidst Tsubomi’s wailing, Regina laughs loudly over her conquest over the sex industry as an elegy to Flora, who she despised so much.

Tsubomi challenges Regina to a final battle as a Papillon Soldier. However, Regina’s sexual techniques are more intense than you could ever imagine.

Tsubomi prays! To her dead friends!

“Everyone, please! Lend me your power!” she cries. The smashed up Holy Flower Orb calls and awakens the spirits of Margarette, Lily and Dahlia.

“Regina… you really are a pathetic person…” screams Rose. “The reason you are so frigid is because you have no love! Having sex without love means you’ll never have a true orgasm!”

Combined with her friends’ powers, Rose hammers her Rose Pinkish Viagra into Regina. Having used up all her powers, Rose’s Flower Orb crumbles to dust… And so Regina’s physically body disappears from this world.

Once more, a free sex life returns to the world… People pursue and search for the warmth of the flesh as they wander these streets of the night. Surely, there, Papillon Rose is praying for those things that contain love… In the sky above the new rooms of the Kabuki Butterfly, a torn crimson bra flutters in the wind.


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