3rd Night – Margarette’s Second Awakening is the third episode in the Papillon Rose R series


really hates her mannerisms so she buys a love drug from Razy. When she wakes up from a really strong drugged-up trip Shizuku awakens with new powers. Shizuku develops a silicone sensor using some very strange text books she got from a second hand book shop. They improve the reaction to silicone used in plastic surgery.

At the same time a new hostess joins the Papillon Pub. The girl is bigger and bouncier than even Anne. The silicone sensor starts reacting violently, so Shizuku realises that the new hostess is a member of the Gel Dynasty. Dajiko reveals her true form, takes the hostesses prisoner and won’t let them leave the Papillon Pub. Rose and Lily are unable to do anything but they are saved by the powered-up Margarette and her special attack.

Today's Highlight

Margarette’s transformation and special attack scene get renewed! With the scene when Shizuku faints in agony after the drugged up trance caused by Razy’s medicine, there are lots of highlights today!