5th Night – Bouncy-chan’s Agonising Days is the 5th episode in Papillon Rose R

Anne is agonising over why she is the only soldier who hasn’t powered up.

Tsubomi is a bimbo who sleeps with guys she doesn’t love and Shizuku declares that her right hand is her lover. It’s said that even Ushio won’t let her customers lay a finger on her. Like this, even though Anne sleeps around with lots of random guys there’s no sign at all that she’ll power up…

Anne is tired out after playing around all day and all night, so she is given some medicine that’ll strengthen her spiritual energy right up by the dealer, Razy. At that time, the new member of the Gel Dynasty, Chūn Lin is scattering gonorrhea in the new rooms at the Kabuki Butterfly.

Anne transforms but she’s in trouble when she’s attacked due to a reaction to the medicine which means she can’t move. At that moment something hot wells up in Anne’s chest. At last she obtains her new powers!

Today's Highlight

This time, out of all the Papillon Soldiers, it was Lily’s turn to power up! This episode is loaded up with pervy scenes and there’s a ton of nudity ★


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