6th Night – The Determined Lost Virgin? is the sixth episode in Papillon Rose R

The new Gel Dynasty member Chūn Lin’s powers are beyond belief. The Papillon Soldiers intend to hold a meeting to come up with a new secret plan but before long it degenerates into a slagging match. Kotsubomi watches from the sidelines, utterly amazed.

Late one night, Kotsubomi heads towards a room in a hotel. In there a man and a woman are waiting. Pushing in opposite the couple, Kotsubomi informs them firmly, “Call him here.” Kotsubomi spends the night with the male prostitute that the couple had ordered. The next morning, Kotsubomi asks him his name. The male prostitute replies with a smile, “Razy.”

Chūn Lin attacks the Kabuki Butterfly again and a new soldier appears, standing in between the two mysterious soldiers. Her name is Papillon Petite Rose. A new Papillon Soldier is born.  Today's Highlight

The secret behind the Papillon Soldiers’ reawakening is revealed! Contrary to expectations, it wasn’t Razy sleeping with Kotsubomi; instead the truth is that Razy’s drugs are the cause of the reawakening.


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