7th Night – Treacherous New Faces is the 7th episode in Papillon Rose R

In order to find the Gel Dynasty’s headquarters, Tsubomi and her friends pretend to be transvestites and sneek in as show girls. Tsubomi and her friends are surprised by the dance skills of the transvestites, are absolutely crushed by how entertaining they are and yet again end up feeling jealous. Through attending the difficult classes Tsubomi and the others become friends with one of the other new girls, a transvestite named Stephanie.

However, the other transvestites discover that Tsubomi and her friends really are female and they are captured. Stephanie tries to save Tsubomi, Shizuku, Anne and Ushio but the Susukino Faction Papillon Soldiers get the wrong idea and so they kill her. Tsubomi and the others violently disagree with Petite Rose’s group’s way of doing things…

Today's Highlight

The mysterious Papillon Soldiers call themselves the Susukino Faction Papillon Soldiers, Adonis and Lupinus. They refuse to fight together with Rose and her friends.

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