9th Night – The Animal-like Woman is the 9th episode in Papillon Rose R

Tsubomi and her friends decide to stalk Futanari. They sneak into the strip club that she visits every day. There they see the Queen of the bestiality show, Mitsuzuki.

Mitsuzuki, the daughter of a rich business family, had spent humiliating days selling herself in a strip theatre when her father went bankrupt. At the time she was comforting herself by performing acts with animals she met Futanari and they became inseparable.

The pair of them tell Tsubomi and her friends to stop transforming into Papillon Soldiers and fighting. At that moment, the snake from the big snake show is infected with a virus and attacks the audience! Tsubomi and her friends transform into Papillon Soldiers but are treated as “nuisances” by Petite-Rose, Adonis and Lupinus. As the soldiers quarrel Ume’s attacks Lupinus!

Adonis protects her, and…

Today's Highlight

This tells the love story of how Futanari and Mitsuzuki first got to know each other. Lupinus is enraged by the sight of Adonis being injured and so attacks with her Summon Beasts. Tsubomi and her friends are surprised by how powerful she is.