Chapter 05 – Mysterious Wandering Man is the fifth part of the Papillon Rose G movie

Rose wetted herself because of her three friends’ horrific transfiguration and the anal torture. What a horrible thing! It was time! The faces of those three girls who had turned evil were splattered with a liquid that smelt of come. Unable to stand the horrible smell the three of them ran away with their tails between their legs.

The man responcible for flinging the come-smelling liquid approached Rose. And so he handed Rose a replacement pair of crimson panties, and turned to leave.

“Wait, you’re… no way… Dandy Lion-sama?” said Rose, rushing over and clinging to the man. The man who looked back over his shoulder, somehow he looked just like the Dandy Lion who Tsubomi-chan had once loved, that is to say he looked like the supposedly dead Hikaru Shishiō. However as he was wearing a red mask you couldn’t tell exactly…

“I am the galaxy’s wandering man, Kojirō … Beware of delicacies and unboiled water… Ciao, Tsubomi,” said the man as he left.

“Ma, Manko ? Delicacies? Unboiled Water? Ciao?” muttered Rose.

Rubi, who up until now had been observing the events taking place, spoke to Rose, “Erm, Boss, good job… No! I mean, are you, okay?”

“This… This is your… This is all your fault! You and those stinky delicacies have…! Everyone is…! Apologise! I’m gonna make you pay! You little bitch!”

Due to her feelings being out of control, or perhaps due to her personality, or maybe for other unknown reasons Rose beat the crap out of Rubi. Rubi, who had no idea what Rose was saying, just sobbed.


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