Chapter 07 – Mysterious Nose Hook is the seventh part of the Papillon Rose G movie

In order to protect the stumbling Hydra-sama, the Black Soldiers coiled

around Rose and Dandy as if they were zombies, trying to kill them.

“There’s only one way to turn them back to normal! Give them the ultimate humiliation,” said Kojirō, passing some suspicious SM goods to Petite-Rose and the others.

“I’m sorry, but no matter how you look at it, I’m an M, you know!” said Rose, hesitating and showing just how big of an idiot she is. Petite-Rose, Adonis and Lupinus snatch Rose’s gear off her go for the Black Soldiers’ faces with the ultimate humiliation play.

Since there were too many toys and goods, they took the opportunity to also try using them on Rose! “What… the… hell are you doing?” said Rose, looking a little delighted.

Margarette, Lily, and Dalia were finally turned back to normal. However, Rose, who had been subjected to the humiliation play even though she hadn’t turned evil, was rather aroused so she grabbed hold of Kojirō’s mask and ripped it off.

The soldiers were surprised when they saw his undisguised face!

After all that, the true identity of the mysterious wandering man Kojirō was the supposedly dead Dandy Lion… Yes, that’s right! He was Hikaru Shishiō.

“Now, I exist only as a spirit, but by borrowing Rose’s power to give life I was able to create a physical presence in this world. That Hydra-sama is hiding a horrific power. I don’t have any time left, Tsubomi, but I have something I was unable to tell you while I was still alive… I love you, now and forever. Farewell, until we meet in the next life, Tsubomi… Do something to deal with that horrible woman!” said Dandy as he disappears. Something falls to the ground.

It was somehow the huge lump of ear wax that Tsubomi got out of her ear in the first chapter, the “Mysterious Prologue.”

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