Chapter 08 – Mysterious Soldier Cosmos is the eighth part of the Papillon Rose G movie

“Hikaru~~!” wails Rose. She’d never been much good in battle to begin with, but she was gradually getting more and more useless.

And so Rubi asked Hydra-sama, who had wiped the stinky liquid off her face, a question. “Boss, will you let me, go back to the Phillipines?”

Hydra-sama, annoyed, told her flatly, “Huh? As if you could ever make enough money selling those delicacies!”

Rubi’s body started to shake, and she screamed as loudly as she could, “I’ve, been tricked again… Japanese people, all of them…are liars! Boss! The one I’ll never forgive… is you!!!”

At that moment, the Flower Orb in Rubi’s Secret Shrine gave off a suspicious light. “Just as I thought, that light is… Papillon Cosmos!” gasped Petite-Rose, her face going pale.
She was confident Rubi was Papillon Cosmos, the soldier who wielded the ultimate technique. “Why? How has Papillon Cosmos been awakened?” Petite-Rose asked Adonis and Lupinus, acting like a little brat on the phone in the living room.

“…It can’t be… Hydrus’ seed from earlier made the seed in her Secret Shrine awaken?”

That’s right. The power of Hydrus, who had screwed Rubi in his confusion, had caused Cosmos to awaken.

Rubi, who somehow understood, finally transformed!

“Cosmos Orgasm Power, Erection!”

And so, there appeared the Forbidden Soldier, Papillon Cosmos!

Cosmos, her face full of anger and sadness, approached Hydra-sama. Absolutely terrified, Hydra-sama screamed, “You bitches! Don’t you dare do anything to me!”

Promptly the group of pale men gathered there, coming from all over the place. Rose and the others were jostled around and groped by the men.

When their evil hands touched Cosmos, she unleashed a power so strong it could wipe out a planet and leave no trace behind.

“Boss… This is goodbye…”

Cosmos unleashed her special attack, shouting, “Cosmic Virgin Again!”

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