Dinasty (ディナスティ) is a recurring organisation in the Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose universe.

Biography Edit

Manga concept Edit

Dinasty is led by Regina, and consists of Dinasty's three heavenly queens, the upperclass Meine Liebe and a secret knight. No information about troops are available.

Leader Edit

  • Regina

Dinasty's three heavenly queens Edit

  • Sister Biene
  • Sister Pchela
  • Sister Melitta

High rank members Edit

  • Meine Liebe
  • Knight of secret

Original concept Edit

Dinasty is led by Regina Apis. It consists of Dinasty's four heavenly queens, Meine Liebe, Dinasty Combatants and Alveare troops. Their primary goal is to take control over the world's sexual ecstasy.

Leader Edit

  • Regina Apis

Dinasty's four heavenly queens Edit

  • Sister Biene
  • Sister Pchela
  • Sister Melitta
  • Sister Abeille

Meine Liebe Edit

  • Peak
  • Croits
  • Herutu
  • Caro

Troops Edit

  • Dinasty combatants
  • Alveare

This setting is followed in the OVA and the new season series.

Rebuild series Edit

Dinasty is led by Eddie of Choipai. Consisting of Dinasty combatant troops and the three heavenly queens, their goal is the castration of all men.

Leader Edit

  • Eddie of Choipai

Dinasty's three heavenly queens Edit

  • Sister Biene
  • Sister Pchela
  • Sister Abeille

Troops Edit

  • Dinasty Combatants

Trivia Edit

  • Considering the ONA concept as a whole, Dinasty is the only villain group appearing in all incarnations of the series. Though not appearing in the New season series as an antagonist group, their goals, leader and members are mentioned in the series' first episode.
  • They are connected to Gel Dynasty according to the Papillon Rose R story digest.
  • The Dinasty combatants' appearances in the Rebuild series are only implied by preview sketches for the second movie in the theatre brochure.
  • In all versions of the series, Sister Abeille is a brainwashed Papillon Soldier, Papillon Dhalia. The reason why she was brainwashed changes from version to version; in the original version, Regina Apis wanted to keep an eye on the Papillon Soldiers as Papillon Violet, while in the rebuild series, Dhalia's flower orb awakening would cause Queen Flora's awakening. In the manga version, both Abeille and Papillon Dhalia are completely absent, and Papillon V is a supporting character without evil intentions.

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