Hikarinite is a high rank member of Gel Dynasty, as well as Shiorinite's sister

Profile Edit

Biography Edit

Hikarinite attacks the Papillon Soldiers while Tsubomi is isolated using a moe song, with her body odor being too much to handle for the Papillon Soldiers. Tsubomi appears out of the blue when her odor is weakened and is attacked viciously by her. Dandy Lion exposes Papillon Rose's stained panties to her, weakening her spirit and throwing a letter for "father" at her. S/he then flees and reports Dandy Lion's true identity. S/he dies under unknown circumstances and is reborn as a natural female to kill off Papillon Adonis and Papillon Lupinus.

Trivia Edit

  • S/he is a parody to Hikari Hinomoto from the Tokimeki Memorial game series.

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