Kotsubomi (Papillon Petit Rose), known in the future as Tsubomi Little Flora, is Tsubomi's daughter from the future. She came back to find her father, as Tsubomi has slept with many men and thus she doesn't know who her father is. It is revealed that she aims to kill her father in order to save her mother from a lethat STD virus.


Papillon Petit-Rose

Biography Edit

In the future, Kotsubomi is the daughter of the future Queen Flora, who is infected with a lethal STD virus spread by the Gel Dynasty. Knowing that she got the illness from her unknown father, Kotsubomi travels back in time to kill her father so that her mother never contracts the illness. Upon traveling to the past and finding Tsubomi and revealing she is her daughter, she thinks Kotsubomi is insane and drags her into a mental hospital. Under unknown circumstances she ends up living in a love motel and snatches Razy from going to one couple customer. The next night, her Rosetta Pearl is activated and she is awakened as Papillon Petit Rose.

Razy and Kotsubomi remain friends for some time, and Kotsubomi assumes Razy is her father. Upon learning he is searching for his mother, she is tricked by Shiorinite, transforming her into Chlamydia, a physical manifestation of Razy's mother.



  • Petite Rose Orgasm Power, Erection


  • Little Rose, Milky Paipan


  • Papillon Petit Rose is a parody to Chibi-Usa of Sailor Moon being the youngest soldier, and the protagonist's future daughter.
  • An attack named "Pinkish Paipan" is listed in her profile in the Papillon Rose R animation archives, with no information on what it does. No sound bite exists of it as well.
  • Chlamydia parodies Black Lady from Sailor moon.
  • According to the highlight on the night where she is awakened, it is said that Razy didn't actually sleep with Kotsubomi; she was awakened after being accidentally exposed to Razy's drug.
  • She is a member of the Susukino Faction senshi, together with Papillon Adonis and Papillon Lupinus.

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