Shiorinite is the leader of Gel Dynasty, the transvestite organisation which attacks Kabuki Butterfly during the "R" season.

Profile Edit

According to her profile in the Papillon Rose R animation archives, s/he is Gel Dynasty's boasting elite manager.

S/he is described as a reigning idol in her peak days in charge of a community, a beautiful woman who is always pale and covers her previous self under expensive make-up. As a leader, s/he is conspiring and aiming when it comes to the Gel Dynasty invasions.

Biography Edit

Shiorinite appears in front of Razy and Kotsubomi as "Shiori", making Razy flee. S/he later re-appears in front of Kotsubomi claiming to be Razy's mother, to which Kotsubomi reacts by trying to get Razy to meet her. After discovering that Kotsubomi is Papillon Petite Rose, s/he kidnaps her after revealing herself as the Gel Dynasty leader, turning Kotsubomi into Chlamydia. S/he attacks the Papillon Soldiers using a moe song, but is easily defeated. S/he is reborn as a natural female together with her sister Hikarinite by Chlamydia. Together they successfully kill of Papillon Adonis and Papillon Lupinus.

Trivia Edit

  • S/he is a parody to Shiori Fujisaki from the Tokimeki memorial game series, as well as Kaolinite from Sailor Moon S.

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