Sister Melitta is one of the Dinasty Heavenly queens who appears in the ONA and the OVA

Meritta settei

Biography Edit

Manga Concept Edit

Sister Melitta appears in the 10th chapter of the manga concept. Her first plot makes every prostitute in the Kabuki butterfly gain weight out of nowhere. She reveals that the Holy flower orb is in Regina's lair shortly after having lost the battle in the 12th chapter. She joins Sister Pchela and Sister Biene to fight the Papillon Soldiers in the 14th chapter, but is ultimately defeated in the 15th chapter by Papillon Violet.

ONA Concept Edit

SIster Melitta appeared in the 9th night in front of the Papillon Soldiers to start turning people into chubby chasers and has the power of a ghastly pale old hag and a pervy old man combined. She is condemned to death by Regina Apis and lanches an attack against Purple Gardens. She is defeated by the combined power of the Papillon Soldiers and Papillon Violet.

OVA Edit

Sister Melitta appeared in a non-speaking role along with the other minions of Regina Apis as well as some other promotional material.

New Season Edit

She appeared in a flashback of episode 1 when the undercover agent talks about Regina Apis.

Rebuild Edit

Sister Melitta is absent in the rebuild series.

Trivia Edit

  • An attack "Vaginal Guillotine Drop" is listed in the Papillon Rose archive, with no further information on it.
  • Her official english fandub name is "Sister Merriter".

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