I know that you really want to help this wiki into expanding more and becoming better for a well-made information source and I really respect all your enthusiasm and hype.

However, please, proofread and check everything before posting. I mean EVERYTHING! There are no admins around in this wiki and the one person who created it is nowhere to be found, thus we are unable to fix some of the stuff done wrong.

We already have two categories for the characters and the soundtrack just because of the typos in the tags creating new categories by themselves. We cannot delete the extra categories nor remove the tags because we aren't admins. 

On another note, I suggested the G movie to be in one page because it is a movie and not a season, but Sayuri ended splitting the chapters into pages. No offence to you, Sayuri, but there is a lot of confusion in non-papillon rose fans about G simply being a season parodying Sailor moon S instead of a movie thanks to an old wikipedia article, and treating the chapters like season episodes and giving them separate pages only reinforces the confusion. Imagine if wikipedia split movies into separate pages by scene or by act. There is no way to fix that now as, again, no admins and deleting pages is impossible for editors.

Sorry if I am sounding rude or offensive, but editing without an administrator around makes this wiki look very messy. I would suggest we open a new wiki with someone to at least have admin rights because otherwise we cannot manage it as simply editors. If you are okay with that, I'll open an alternate and move the content we have there. This means that this wikia will be blank after that, of course.

Otherwise, there is the option of asking the general wikia admins for admin rights, but I doubt they will even bother with such a small wiki.

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